Therapy Programmes

What types of interventions do you offer?

  • Prevention and early intervention: identifying young children who are ‘at risk’ of delay in an aspect of their development and working to reduce the impact of this
  • ‘Prehabilitation’ : developing essential new skills and abilities which, for whatever reason, have not been learnt and fully integrated during the typical stages of development.
  • Rehabilitation : re-learning valued skills which have been lost during the course of illness or disability
  • Compensation: adapting the environment to accommodate for, and reduce the impact of, absent skills and skill deficits
  • Parent and family coaching: helping families understand and support the skill development of their loved one. Parents are vital to the success of therapy

What is your approach to Therapy?

I take a lifespan perspective, so all therapy sessions are designed with your, or your child’s, priorities and developmental stage in mind.  For younger children therapy is play-based, whereas for teens an academic coaching approach may be more suitable.

Therapy is based on principles of ‘neuroplasticity’ – the brain’s ability to re-organise itself through changes in neural connections and networks in response to new information, sensory stimulation and development. Therapy sessions are intended to be fun, so that learning and adaptive behaviours are encouraged.

I draw on a range of theoretical paradigms including neuroscience, sensory integration, cognitive-behavioural, developmental, occupational performance and others, as required.

Do note that an assessment is needed before therapy can begin. I am able to work from the reports of other professionals where these are recent and sufficiently detailed.

What specialist therapeutic programmes do you offer?

In addition to bespoke Occupational Therapy interventions, I am also trained to deliver:

  • The Cogmed Working Memory Training programme
  • Integrated Listening Systems programme
  • Play Attention programme
  • Sensory Integration
  • Sensory-based feeding programmes
  • Safe and Sound Protocol (not currently available)
  • Academic and Clinical Life Coaching