Occupational Therapy Assessment

Assessment is aimed at identifying and understanding an individual’s strengths and challenges in completing important every day activities or ‘occupations’.  Occupations include learning, work, play, leisure, self-care, sleep, home, personal and social life. An occupational therapist is an expert at analyzing a person’s abilities – physical, affective and cognitive, the impact of functional limitations and the effects of the person’s environments on their ability to perform the occupations they need and want to do.

The Allied Health Practice specializes in the assessment of complex conditions with sensory, motor, cognitive and/or emotional aspects.

A range of self-report, standardized and observational assessments may be used. These are especially useful in providing a baseline to evaluate and review progress through our interventions.

A comprehensive written report can be provided if required.

Occupational Therapy Interventions

Interventions are designed to enable success and confidence in every day activity. The goals we agree are tailored to the person (and family where appropriate). The occupational therapist uses a systematic evidence-informed approach to enable individuals to improve their function in the occupations of life.

Our therapy programmes are often based on one or more of the following: 

  • strategies which enhance capability, skills and knowledge
  • changing or adapting the nature of the activity
  • modifying aspects of the environment.

Our objective through therapy is to enable the person to successfully engage in everyday activities and experience pleasure and success in what they do.

Please see the range of programmes we offer or contact us for more information.  

Further resources

Occupational therapists are registered with the Health and Social Care Professions’ Council (HSPC).  Information about registration can be found at www.hpc-uk.org

More information about occupational therapy can be found at the British Association of Occupational Therapists: www.cot.org.uk